Cold Meat and Deli Display Case

Our Goods

Right now the list of available meats include chicken (whole, leg quarters and boneless skin-on breast), beef (hangar, ribeye and sirloin steak), goat stew meat, lamb (shanks, ground lamb, stew meat) and pork (loin, belly, shoulder, trotters).

The meats – which are are cut and trimmed by onsite butcher, Dan Bolton – will vary from week to week and season to season. Our selection include cuts from area purveyors including Wisconsin Meadows and Glenrock, La Clare, Maple Creek and Three Brothers Farms.

We offer a variety of fresh sausages. The current selection includes andouille, Argentinian chorizo, bangers, breakfast sausage, chicken patties, mortadella, pastrami and veal knockwurst.

We also sell bacon, stocks (chicken, pork or beef), condiments like bread and butter pickles, roasted olives and chimichurri, and a selection of prepared heat-and-eat foods.